Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy anniversary to Me!!

It has been a Year!! We made it.....yes we. I could not have survived this journey without all my wonderful family and friends. THANK YOU ALL!
It has been exactly one year........ look at the difference. I feel amazing. Braces came off in August and I just paid a visit to the extraordinary DR. Bishop this last week. He said my teeth and bite are.......perfect!
I so still have half of a numb chin/lip and the roof of my mouth is still asleep. I am told that will come back - but even if it doesn't I can live with it. NO pain. No headaches. No earaches.
I am eating almost anything I want. I have to be careful to keep my new post surgical svelt self.
I will be heading back to Dallas for my one year check up with the Famous Dr. Wolford. As I have said before, he is amazing. i have not enjoyed working with his office staff ( the infamous Mrs. Wolford - apparently) She has been difficult and unpleasant and I will not miss her. If you are planning on this surgery be your own advocate for the insurance issues and concerns.... they drop the ball with that one.
I will be back on blog after my visit to Dallas. IN the meantime..... Yea me.