Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy anniversary to Me!!

It has been a Year!! We made it.....yes we. I could not have survived this journey without all my wonderful family and friends. THANK YOU ALL!
It has been exactly one year........ look at the difference. I feel amazing. Braces came off in August and I just paid a visit to the extraordinary DR. Bishop this last week. He said my teeth and bite are.......perfect!
I so still have half of a numb chin/lip and the roof of my mouth is still asleep. I am told that will come back - but even if it doesn't I can live with it. NO pain. No headaches. No earaches.
I am eating almost anything I want. I have to be careful to keep my new post surgical svelt self.
I will be heading back to Dallas for my one year check up with the Famous Dr. Wolford. As I have said before, he is amazing. i have not enjoyed working with his office staff ( the infamous Mrs. Wolford - apparently) She has been difficult and unpleasant and I will not miss her. If you are planning on this surgery be your own advocate for the insurance issues and concerns.... they drop the ball with that one.
I will be back on blog after my visit to Dallas. IN the meantime..... Yea me.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Greetings to all! Long time no post!! I am doing so well. As you can see I still have a bit of a lip droop. My bottom lip and lower chin are still numb but they are definitely on the way back. I am a bit tired of eating "soft" but it is good for the waistline for certain.

I went to Dallas for my 6 month visit  - I flew in at 8 AM and out by 2:00. It was great to see Dr. Wolford - I kind of miss the ole' guy. He said my bite looks perfect and that I have the best orthodontist on earth (Hoping to suck up to the orthodontist and get theses braces off my teeth!). MY opening has gone from 25-33 which I thought was great but Dr.Wolford would like to see more improvement. He gave me permission to start  chewing "real" food with the warning that my chewing muscles have been out of commission for a couple of years and did recommend not starting with steak. 
 PizzA PIZZA PIZZA - that is all I have wanted. Although it looks good in the picture, I actually had to cut it up into small pieces to eat it. It was the best piece of pizza I have EVER had!
So I am working on adding some food texture and increasing my opening.
That is ALL good news. I feel great and am so happy to have it all behind me. i could never have done it without all my wonderful friends and family - and my awesome husband. He really rose to the occasion and beyond.
Of course I am still working on bills and insurance as well. 
For those of you who are reading this blog because you are having the surgery..... here is my tip: Dr. Wolford is the BEST ever. His office help is...... Let me just say that you need to represent yourself with your insurance company and do not get lulled into thinking that his office is going to take care of it for you.( Even if they say they are) Find a person at your insurance company that you can communicate with and call them frequently. Never take no for an answer. Appeal when you need to and then appeal again.  Expect that the approval process is going to take at LEAST 6 months...... or more. No kidding.
I will keep you posted on the improvements as they happen......
love you all!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Holy Heck What Just Happend

I am coming to my senses - getting life back on track the best I can. And Iam wondering what in the heck just happened. the whole procedure and recovery were beyond what I had imagined - or understood it to be. Which might be the worlds way of saying just trust that needs to be done and let it be.
What an amazing,difficult, difficult and amazing adventure this has been. The best part is that we ALL rose to the occasion just like we knew(hoped) we would. That is what love is about and I have never felt more loved in my life.
As i slowly got my brain cells back..... i slowly got some responsibility back. It was a beautiful day when I got to drive around the block to prove to David I could drive. Ahhhh my wheels are mine again.
We had a last sister hoorah day in the hot tub in the mountains in preparations for me going back to work. A day with my sisters. If that is not a gift I do not know what is. And then more sweat pants, no more jammies........ it's the ......Bionic Nurse off to save little children of the world and dressed in real clothes (I do love to wear swear pants). I had a warm welcome at my school and I got alot done. It felt good to be using my brain and to be doing for others again. The baby sitting Jody "era" is coming to an end. Physically my chin is still MIA and half my bottom lip remains on strike. The roof of my mouth might be showing some signs of return but not very quickly. I am wearing my rubber bands like the perfect patient that I am in hopes of getting them off by the start of summer - maybe. maybe. I continue on my mush diet and dream of a slice of pizza. Lilydog and I have been faithful walkers and we are both feeling pretty shapely.
So I am back to work for 29 days..... and then summer break is there to rescue me. What a Life I have. Not too bad at all.
Thanks for continuing to check in on me. I love and appreciate all of you all.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Weekend Update (minus Seth Myers)

So after my visit with Dr. Wolford my mouth was sore - just as he predicted. I drove to Edwards Colorado to see my favorite orthodontist Dr. Alton Bishop and his lovely wife and assistant Shirlene(we all know who is really in charge). (Aren't they adorable?) Edwards was BEAUTIFUL! I enjoyed it up there. Dr. Bishop was very pleased with the report from Dr. Wolford but he did put me back in rubber bands. :-(
My teeth are still moving so very nicely with the bands that we must take advantage of it.
I am feeling very good overall. I do wish the bottom lip would rise and shine - and my chin as well. But I am told "all in good time". In a way the surgery seems like yesterday - and in some ways it seems like it has been a long time. But the beauty of it all is that I have not had one single migraine since the surgery. And no grinding noise in my ear that my jaw used to make when I moved it. So I will be patient (tee hee) because the payoff is HUGE.
For those of you wondering about the fire - we are not in any danger. Today they are beginning to get it contained. Yahoo.
So....... it's me and Dr. Bishop for 4 more months until the next visit with the big boss in Dallas. Slow but steady is the motto.
Thanks still and again to all of you who continue to help us out - we could not be luckier people. Love and hugs to all.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Return to the scene of the Crime!

It is Saturday evening and David and I just returned from my 8week follow up visit in Dallas with Dr. Wolford. The news is all good. The bite is “perfect”. He took off the rubber bands today to see if it is solid enough to stay without bands or not. I will follow up with the orthodontist next week and he will decide if they come back ( I expect they will be back) But for now it is glorious to open my mouth and actually eat off of a grown up utensil.
Teeth and gums are VERY sore but apparently that is a good sign of nerves waking up. I am going to start weaning the medication at night – and as that decreases my driving can increase. He says things will be hugely different in one month.- like energy for work!
Thank you to my wonderful eldest sister for taking the boys (and the dog) while we were in Dallas. I could not have done any of this without my amazing friends and family. I am feeling hopeful today that there really will be an end at some point,
We went to visit a boy (18) that had the surgery yesterday. He is in for the worst night of his life tonight but his family was very happy to see me at 8 weeks and know the misery is worth it.
I am feeling a bit like the young teenage crowd right now wearing my paints hangin off my butt and showing my undies. I will be seeking a ride to a mall soon for a new pair of pants (happily) and new bras (sadly).
so just wanted to let you all know that progress is being made and the news is all good. I took a picture in front of the hospital to send along.
Enjoy the beautiful weather – happy spring break for all of you have spring break.
Much love and thanks to you all,

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Magic of 8 weeks.

Hi everybody. All is going well - so we are off tomorrow for Dallas
for the 8 week check up with my favorite surgeon Dr. Wolford.
Doesn't he look like the nicest man? He is. Doesn't he look like the smartest man? He is.

Wish me luck and I will keep you all posted when I get back.
Love to all.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Time for an update.

HI everybody. Long time no chat. Things are going so well. 8 weeks really is the magic number. I am getting my energy back - no more naps and able to tolerate some real exercise. Lily and I took a 3.6 mile walk - we were both wiped out but we are going to get better at it. I changed my own rubber bands this week which was a big deal - and took me a very long time. Still trying to think of yummy mushy things to have for meals. (boring). Want a pizza. Half of my lower lip is starting to get some feeling - chin is still numb. I am off to see Dr. Wolford on Friday. I have a lot of questions for him and hope he has lots of answers. Will let you know how the visit goes when I get back.
Thanks to all - love ya