Sunday, July 15, 2012

Greetings to all! Long time no post!! I am doing so well. As you can see I still have a bit of a lip droop. My bottom lip and lower chin are still numb but they are definitely on the way back. I am a bit tired of eating "soft" but it is good for the waistline for certain.

I went to Dallas for my 6 month visit  - I flew in at 8 AM and out by 2:00. It was great to see Dr. Wolford - I kind of miss the ole' guy. He said my bite looks perfect and that I have the best orthodontist on earth (Hoping to suck up to the orthodontist and get theses braces off my teeth!). MY opening has gone from 25-33 which I thought was great but Dr.Wolford would like to see more improvement. He gave me permission to start  chewing "real" food with the warning that my chewing muscles have been out of commission for a couple of years and did recommend not starting with steak. 
 PizzA PIZZA PIZZA - that is all I have wanted. Although it looks good in the picture, I actually had to cut it up into small pieces to eat it. It was the best piece of pizza I have EVER had!
So I am working on adding some food texture and increasing my opening.
That is ALL good news. I feel great and am so happy to have it all behind me. i could never have done it without all my wonderful friends and family - and my awesome husband. He really rose to the occasion and beyond.
Of course I am still working on bills and insurance as well. 
For those of you who are reading this blog because you are having the surgery..... here is my tip: Dr. Wolford is the BEST ever. His office help is...... Let me just say that you need to represent yourself with your insurance company and do not get lulled into thinking that his office is going to take care of it for you.( Even if they say they are) Find a person at your insurance company that you can communicate with and call them frequently. Never take no for an answer. Appeal when you need to and then appeal again.  Expect that the approval process is going to take at LEAST 6 months...... or more. No kidding.
I will keep you posted on the improvements as they happen......
love you all!

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