Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Return to the scene of the Crime!

It is Saturday evening and David and I just returned from my 8week follow up visit in Dallas with Dr. Wolford. The news is all good. The bite is “perfect”. He took off the rubber bands today to see if it is solid enough to stay without bands or not. I will follow up with the orthodontist next week and he will decide if they come back ( I expect they will be back) But for now it is glorious to open my mouth and actually eat off of a grown up utensil.
Teeth and gums are VERY sore but apparently that is a good sign of nerves waking up. I am going to start weaning the medication at night – and as that decreases my driving can increase. He says things will be hugely different in one month.- like energy for work!
Thank you to my wonderful eldest sister for taking the boys (and the dog) while we were in Dallas. I could not have done any of this without my amazing friends and family. I am feeling hopeful today that there really will be an end at some point,
We went to visit a boy (18) that had the surgery yesterday. He is in for the worst night of his life tonight but his family was very happy to see me at 8 weeks and know the misery is worth it.
I am feeling a bit like the young teenage crowd right now wearing my paints hangin off my butt and showing my undies. I will be seeking a ride to a mall soon for a new pair of pants (happily) and new bras (sadly).
so just wanted to let you all know that progress is being made and the news is all good. I took a picture in front of the hospital to send along.
Enjoy the beautiful weather – happy spring break for all of you have spring break.
Much love and thanks to you all,

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  1. Great news. Was the 18 year old the nephew of the aunt who had been following your blog? If so, I think that's so great to have met him. And for them to know, "I feel your pain." And you did.

    Another friend of mine is nearing the end of years-long dental work -- you're still the queen of that -- but she's close behind. She has about 4 or 5 more visits and wrote me tonight, "When they're in place, will u help me celebrate with a corn on the cob, candied apples and taffy dinner?"

    Thought you could appreciate her desires. Must be great to yawn with your mouth open!