Friday, October 28, 2011

Metal Testing

OK. Like my hat?
So I am in Dallas and finishing the metal allergy testing. It was very interesting. I got a shot every 10 minutes. I feel lucky, there were some people there that are allergic to many, many environmental things. Everyday things like the inside of the car and the bed they sleep in.
Unfortunately, I happen to have an allergic reaction to most of the metals that are used in the prosthesis. It looks like I will need a pure Titanium jaw. I am certain this will cost significant $$$$$.
Here is a picture of the my arm after day #1 of the testing. Looks like a very bad tatoo.
I am ready to head back home now and they can begin work on the prosthesis. This is progress.


  1. I hope you aren't arrested any time soon as the police will have a very difficult time figuring out what gang you are in with that tattoo! It won't match any known gang symbols.

  2. Good luck with your surgery Jody. We will miss you while you are gone!