Thursday, March 8, 2012


Hi all. Wish I had some "big" news to report but right now it is hard to tell one day from the next. Every thing is going well. My teeth ache so that must mean they are starting to wake up. Lip and chin are still in hibernation. Brushing and cleaning my mouth and teeth take up a large part of my day. I am definitely sleeping less! And I am down to one layer of clothing most days. Still wearing my black hat at night, very attractive.
I had a most wonderful lunch yesterday with my nursing associates - they brought lunch and laughs and flowers. Best day ever.
I go to see Dr. Wolford in Dallas on the 24th. Off tho the orthodontist tomorrow - tighter rubbers bands (boo) but it is an adventure out.
i have been cooking some meals for the family - in which the children have been grateful - although Dad has done a superior job all the way.
Guess that is all for now. Thanks to everybody!! XOXO

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