Sunday, March 4, 2012

Long time no post!

Hi friends and family. I know I am a bit behind and am not sure why. Last week I had Cooper home with me puking (him - not me)
WE watched movies and napped for a couple of day.
I have been sleeping less - actually doing some laundry and paper work!
Looks like my smile muscles are getting better - the physical therapy is helping with that.
I wish my lower lip would wake up - it seems to be bothering me the most. The chin is still completely numb but my checks are starting to tingle. I just learned today that caffeine actually causes pain in nerves as they wake up so we will be avoiding that. I have not gone back to coffee anyway - no fun when it has to be in a syringe. My best friend the orthodontist is happy with the progress but he thinks the rubber bands will stay on as long as long as the braces are on. That was a bit disappointing to me because that limits my ability to open my mouth further than a fingers width. That is limiting my ability to speak and I really need to go back to work and speak. I go to see Dr. Wolford March 25th. in Dallas. He will decide if he can use bigger rubber bands to give me a bit more opening.
I miss my WHEELS! I am hoping that Dr. Wolford will give me the OK to drive and life will get significantly better for me as well as all my friends.
As for the food choices, I am quite BORED. All the fun of eating is gone. Good for the scale but still boring.
I need the wind to stop because whenever I go out for a walk it is quite painful on my face. Started riding the stationary bike in the basement. Have just finished the entire 7 seasons of Weeds. Loved Loved Loved by the way.
OK......... i guess that is it for now. WE continue to limp along with the help of friends and family.
One very exciting thing I forgot..... I can now use a straw!!! Life changing. Happy.
Bye Bye


  1. Hi Jodi,
    Glad to read about your recovery. I am Blake's aunt. He's still on for surgery March 23rd in Dallas. Your postings
    continue to encourage us and help support Blake and his family. Can't thank you enough. MJ

    1. We are going to be there on the 24th for my 8 week check up. We will send you good mojo and check in on you guys while we are there. The anticipation is sooooo difficult. Jody