Sunday, February 26, 2012

Behind on Posting

So I am way behind posting cause there is nothing really exciting to report. Things are going along as they should be(seems slow to me)
The orthodontist is very happy with the rubber band s and how well they are working. Chin, lips, and cheeks are still snoozing - that is a frustrating part -the bottom lip.
Brooks has been home sick all week with cough cold and ear infection and now it appears as though Copper has decided to try it for the coming week.
I am starting to do some things around the house - laundry and help with meals. I am sleeping a lot less. David is grumpy - pretty much most of the time - and there is a possibility that I may be a bit grumpy as well. I NEED WHEELS!
Next ortho appointment for me is Friday and I will be scheduling my follow up visit in Dallas for 2 weeks!!!! Cant wait for it to be time for the rubber bands to come out.
Thanks for everything to everyone.
Talk to you soon.

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