Friday, January 20, 2012

The Big Day -- Dave Reports In

It's 0720, and her gurney has just disappeared behind the double doors of the OR.

She was smiling, and they had just given her some IV meds to start her going to sleep. We got to pre-op at 0530 so we had some nice time to talk and reminisce about everything while the doctors and nurses came in and out with questions and such. The anesthesiologist was nice, and Dr. Wolford was in good spirits too.

The lead surgical nurse's name is Loretta, which was the name of her Mom's best I think her angel is watching over her today.

We have a small angel we always put in each other's sight at home on special mornings. He made the trip with us, and this is a photo of him on Jody's shoulder before they took her in.

Thank you for all the prayers and white light.

Dave update: They called at 1017 to say they were starting to put one side of the prosthesis in.

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