Friday, January 27, 2012

Dave Update: "It's Friday!"

Hi everyone,

Happy Friday.

We made it through our second night at the hotel (and with no further microwave "mishaps") today Jody is up, showered, and dressed. We don't have anywhere to go, but you know how good it feels just to feel like you can. As soon as she was done, she nodded off on the couch and is sleeping now.

She saw Dr. Wolford again yesterday and he added a few more rubber bands, took an x-ray, and said she is right on track. I am still amazed at his level of care. We see him again today at 4:30, and then every day until next Friday/Saturday when we will hopefully be released to come home.

I know home won't be any easier...maybe even a little harder for awhile, but just being back among family a friends is bound to help her healing even more.

In the meantime, we're settled into a bit of a routine here. Meds every three to four hours and sleep, then walk whenever she can. She's got good intake, but because her hemocrates (nurse friends forgive my spelling) she is cold all the time. We've got double blankets on the bed, and I added a fleece one from BB&B last night (Dallas does have everything in terms of shopping.)

Thanks to you all for checking in on her, and to our great family for watching out for the boys and keeping everything on track at home. Becky and Kathy are doing yeomen's work, as is Pat who continues to make this blog possible.

Much love from us both, and please keep those positive thoughts coming. We miss every one very, very much.

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