Thursday, January 26, 2012


Hi everyone,

They released Jody to the hotel last night. She walked out of the front door of the hospital, which was very symbolic for us both.

We've got some eight different meds to be given at a variety of different times, so the coffee table in the room looks like a pharmacy, and she has to eat my cooking (who knew a can of soup would blow up in the microwave?) but, all in all, she's doing great. She's pretty lucid and still joking when she can. You know Jody.

Pat adds: Our next model Jody is wearing the slouchy pink robe with the loosely tied belt that were first seen on the runways of Milan this year. Note the fashion-forward  "Evening Pajamas" she is sporting.   Hair by: Salon de BedHed
We go back to see the surgeon this afternoon, and in the meantime she's napping without anyone poking her, which is nice.

Thank you for all the kind messages and good thoughts. Next step...home for real!

Love to you all,


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  1. Hi Dave,
    Paula and I were thinking of comming over again tomorrow afternoon sometime to visit for a bit. Just text either one of us with the name of the hotel and a good time for us to stop by.
    I am so amazed at at well she is doing!
    Take care