Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dave Update: "Still Doing Well"

Hi everyone,

It's Saturday in Dallas, and Jody is still doing well. We've just returned from our daily visit to Dr. Wolford (he sees surgical patients on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as every day of the week. Amazing).

He added a new rubber band. This one in the very front, running at a 45 degree angle across her upper and lower teeth. Kind of a bummer for her, but he needs to retrain her jaw muscle from pulling in its old direction.

He showed me how to take the new band off and put it on for her, using a hemostat. (You can imagine how much she's looking forward to that!) and we'll get it figured out.

It comes at a bad time, as last night she actually managed to eat some sweet potatoes and dressing (watered down and made thin with gravy) from Boston Market with a spoon (kind of). It was the one thing she had been craving since the operation, and she really enjoyed having something besides soup for a change.

But, for now, we are going back to liquids, as getting that muscle retrained is very important. We did venture out for her first milkshake on the way home from the doctor, and she loved it.

We're back at the hotel so she can have a nap now. She's in good spirits (still cold all the time due to the low hemocrates) and her attitude is still good as well.

She's trying to write and call everyone, if only for a few minutes, but she wears out pretty quick so forgive her if she skips out on it every now and then. She misses you all very much.

Right now, she seems most comfortable here in the security of the hotel room, rather than venturing out, but we went for a nice walk along Turtle Creek yesterday, and are hoping to again today as well. It's bound to be helping her healing.

Thank you again to everyone for being such great friends. Have a nice weekend, and we hope to see you soon

Much love.

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