Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Email Problems: Verbal Report

Love our computers when they work; hate them when they don't. Dave's email is acting up so he is having trouble sending emails, so he AND JODY!!! just phoned.

I answered the phone, and it honest to God sounded like a drunk woman saying "This is Jody Dickerson" -- slurred speech and I laughed and said that if I didn't know better, I would think she was hanging off a lamp post somewhere, having had one too many of those martinis you women talk about.

So the bad news is she has some kind of minor throat infection which is being treated and is supposedly no big deal. She did 10 laps of walking today. Her dinner tonight was applesauce via a giant hypodermic needle which is how she eats -- squirting it into her mouth.

When they first called, we only talked for about ten seconds and then the doctor arrived so they hung up and called me back when the doctor had gone and said the doctor said everything was fine. The swelling is down.

She has various stitches in her neck, ears, scalp and gums so I helpfully pointed out that her head is in no danger of falling off and she joked back that yes, her head is "securely fastened."

The best news, however, is that tomorrow the doctor said she can take a shower and wash and condition her hair. I know she will feel like a new woman. I said, "You'll be pink and pleasant again."

Dave and Jody both expressed their continued thanks for all the wonderful support from their many friends.

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