Monday, January 23, 2012

Dave Update: Monday Morning

It's Monday morning, and things are still going okay. She slept better last night in two hour stints. Pain is still at a seven, but the meds seem to manage it.

Dr. Wolford rounded this morning and said he was pleased. The swelling inside her mouth and everywhere around her neck is expected.

She kind of has a blank look all the time, and a frown that stays, but he said it was due to the invasions her head and neck have been through, and the fact that it throws hormones all out of whack. In addition, the anesthesia still hasn't worn off.

She's speaking quietly and in short bursts, but she's awake and aware.

We did four laps this morning, and here's a photo. She said it was okay to post it. She misses everyone and wants to be sure and let you know she's thinking about you.

Dr. Wolford said he would see her this afternoon and in the morning, then decide if he would release her to home (hotel) care maybe as early as tomorrow.

All in all, things are going well, and we are very lucky.

Thank you again to everyone for your great support and love. And special thanks to Kathleen and John and Becky and Joe for watching over the boys and keeping our household running. It is no small feat, and we will never be able to thank them enough.


  1. Ok so maybe you shouldn't use this for your Christmas card photo, but I think you look great and am so pleased to see you up and about. You are so brave to have gone through this ordeal and my hope is that each day you get better and better so we see your smile again.

  2. Wow! Doing laps already! I am so proud of you for making it this far! What a major life event. I want you to keep on keepin on and I hope today's IV lasts longer than the others. You look great and I would frown too if it was me. Pain sucks, but just remember, it's temporary. (Easy for me to say.) Love You!
    p.s. If you would have taken Lily to Dallas and had her in the picture you *could* have used this for a Christmas card..........

  3. Jody - I love you and send you hugs. I'll have a martini for you. No, really, I will! Just ask Annette. I only have one problem with the potential Xmas card pic, that's the black sox. OMG girl - you have much better fashion sense than that! We are gonna have to talk. I'm so glad to hear that things are going well and as expected. Should I send you a straw for the martini happy hour? God Speed gurlfriend, miss you, and thinking all good stuff for you. xoxoxo me!