Friday, February 3, 2012

Dave Update: "Last Visit to Dr. Wolford Today"

Hi everyone,

It's Friday evening and we just completed our last office visit for this trip with Dr. Wolford. It is a major milestone, and Jody is very pleased as you can imagine.

I know I've mentioned it before, but I can't say enough about the level of care and compassion we received from Dr. Wolford, and everyone in his office.

Every question, every concern, and every part of the surgical and recovery process has been met with kind words, great care, and non-rushed explanations. In a world where we don't see much brightness in the health care system, Dr. Wolford has been a true beacon of light. I wish you all could meet him, as I know you would be every bit as impressed as we have been. A photo of him today with Jody:

We're heading home tomorrow afternoon. We both know it's not the end of the adventure yet, just the beginning of a new chapter.

Finding a comfortable routine for Jody will be the first order of business, as well as me getting back into the swing of things with the boys. It will be great to have our family together again, and it should help her heal.

We have to be back for an office visit in Dallas in six weeks, and Dr. Wolford has told us the whole healing process will take six months to a year to be complete. She's worried that everyone will expect her to be back to normal once she's home, when she is really far from it right now. But she is making progress.

Her orthodontist, Dr. Bishop, will now be seeing her each week, and she likes him very much, as well. He's also a colleague of Dr. Wolford, which will be a huge help in ensuring her care stays on track. We are definitely headed in the right direction, and I feel certain every day will be that much better.

Thank you again to Aunt Kathleen and Uncle John, Aunt Becky and Uncle Joe, Pat, Camille, Lora, Larry, Eric, Dan, Stacey and everyone else for your wonderful support these past two weeks, and for all the good thoughts and prayers. They have helped every step of the way, and we're looking forward to being reunited with each of you soon.

With much love,

David and Jody

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