Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Shrinking Badonkadonk

There certainly have to be a few perks along the way. I see this as one. Big one.
Today was my best day. I felt energetic in spurts (Auntie Joan helped me make valentine cookies for my valentines (they were kind of lame but loving). I attempted to open a few pieces of mail - and thank you for the Valentine cards - made me happy. I took only advil for pain today and that seems like a big step forward. I have not been doing well with my daily walking as it is icy and the cold air is actually painful on the nerves that are starting to wake up. Might have to ride the bike in basement for a while. Even read the newspaper (a little) and a couple of syringes of Starbuck Chai that auntie Joan brought me. Thanks for all the foods and grocery's - greatly appreciated.
The orthodontist appointment yesterday said that the there had been a 60% improvement with the rubber bands since last Wed. That is what we are looking for - perfection. But apparently that takes patience so i am working on that. Becoming ZEN.
Brooks got a bright red cast on today and that is one more crisis averted for today. Poor David has not gotten a day a work done in weeks. Of course it does not help that the kids have a four day weekend coming up and that is usually mommy entertainment. WE might be putting together a lot jiqsaw puzzles. I may even break my own rule and get WII for my sanity and the sanity of those around us.
Anyway.......today feels good - I hope it is a trend and not a fluke.
Big hugs to all my valentines xoxo

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