Friday, February 17, 2012

I Actually Went OUTSIDE in REAL clothes

sorry about the delay the last couple of days but I did think there should have been a tad bit more enthusiasm for the shrinking badonkadonk. just saying....
Yesterday, I put on blue jeans ( no jammies , no sweats) and went to Cooper Dickerson's basketball game. Which he won. The blue jeans not such a good choice since i do still have healing incisions on my abdomen....but the jean were looser. It was nice to get out and then even nicer to get back in. The breeze is really bothering my face as the nerves and muscles try to remember what they are supposed to be doing. Still sporting my favorite black hat !
I feel like the last three days have been a bit of a corner turn. Starting to sleep less and follow conversations. Auntie Joan came and "helped" me bake valentine cookies for my boys. Nice eh? I even paid a couple of bills.... hoping that worked out the way it should.
Today was a bit rough as the boys were home from school (don't they ever go to school?) and it seemed a bit high maintenance. Not quite ready for that so bedtime will be early. So I'm feeling like there is actually progress going on. Today is ONE month. So..... i guess this is a bit rougher than I thought it might be. But it can be done.
Thanks for all the yummy food and flowers and love and valentine cards.
Love to all

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