Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday at Home

the best part of today was that my sister kathleen came and did the laundry and changed all the sheets. Yipeeeee. Priceless,
I was put in charge of helping Cooper get caught up with his school work which seems to me a little like asking me to sew a prom dress by 6:00. Apparently I did not do it the Proper "Dave Way" and will be passively punished for a period of time. That was not the fun part of the day because it is hard to state your case when unable to speak. I am sure the pressure of the household is getting to him.
Other wise it took me all day to shower dress, comb my hair eat and return to bed for a nap. Not really a high powered day. One of my rubber bands came off and Dr. david and his trusty assistance Kathleen got it right back in place.
Hopefully there will be more harmony tomorrow. really need harmony right now.
Thanks for alll the beautiful flowers and cards. they mean so very much.
I feel loved

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