Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Night. We made it!

I know you are all getting sick of looking at the same black hat..... My ears hurt alot it keeps them feeling better. Perhaps I could change colors but this one is so FUZZY. No action picture today but I think my smile might be getting better!!
Cooper worked on homework this whole weekend due to being a couple of weeks behind (I think he considered our absence a vacation) David worked so hard with him and aunt Kathleen finished the laundry. Brooks waited fairly patiently for Coop to finish his work so they could go to the lake and play some ice hockey. As for took me most of the day to shower, clean my teeth/mouth - I did get a good walk in with Brooks and Lily and then a good nap.
So right now David is at the emergency room because Brooks broke his wrist in ice hockey. (sigh) The good news.....bring it on my deductible is P.A.I.D. consider this a free Break. Thanks for all the yummy food. XOXO

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