Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kathleen the cruise director

Hi everybody. Today was another orthodontist appointment.... I am the best patient ever by the way. He says things are still looking great and the rubber bands are still really working. And..... that I have very clean teeth (not an easy task with all the rubber bands in the mouth). I am suppossed to start the side to side physical therapy 3-4 times a day. Maybe tomorrow. Aunt Kathleen was my cruise director for the day and she always comes equipped with with starbucks.... out of a syringe of course. After the dentist we took Brooks to The Children's ortho clinic to get his cast redone because it was not on correctly. Then a stop a Walgreen's and who's day woul not be complete with all that!! I am feeling more clear each day and able to stay in the upright position longer each day as well. Getting Better. Yahooo.
now so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open. Thanks for the yummy dinner tonight - thoughtful as usual.
Feel ready for some company if anybody wants to say hi in person.
Love you all and thanks for everything.
nite nite


  1. I love getting my daily dose of Jody's Jaw. I am glad you are doing so well!

  2. I too am glad to follow your recovery. My nephew is to have jaw surgery in Dallas next month and I am encouraged by your postings. Take care, thanks for sharing.. MJ